PAT Testing

We pride ourselves on a flexible and competitive pricing structure to provide low PAT test prices to meet your exact circumstances and keep the cost of your PAT testing down. As our services are tailored to your needs it enables us to ensure our PAT testing costs are kept low. We can carry out PAT testing from as little as 99p per item or we are also able to price on a Day Rate basis in some circumstances. Your costs are dependent on factors such as your location and number of items that need testing. Our highly competitive low cost minimum charge for on-site testing is only £60.00.

Fixed Wiring Inspection

After an electrical installation is constructed, commissioned and put into service it must be maintained to keep it in a safe condition. Our engineers will carry out the required tests and inspection of electrical circuits and systems that distribute electricity around a building. It covers all hard wiring in a building, whether it is a commercial, industrial, retail, entertainment or educational premises.

All electrical circuits in a building that are fixed, such as lighting, electrical socket outlets, air conditioning and other fixed plant require regular inspection testing as they can deteriorate over time. On completion you will be provided with a condition report (EICR) which is valid for 1 – 5 years (dependant on business type).


Emergency Lighting Installation & Testing

We provide

  • Emergency lighting design to British Standard BS5266
  • Emergency lighting installation and additions to existing systems.
  • Provision of  certification for design, installation and commissioning of emergency lighting.
  • Maintenance and service contracts for existing emergency lighting installations.